Maher Hasan

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Maher Hasan received the BSEE, MSECE, and PhD from Purdue University in 2004, 2007, and 2009, respectively. He is currently a Senior Engineer at PCKA where he has been involved in modeling and simulation of electromechanical and power-electronic-based systems to support several technical efforts, and in various software development efforts including DHS and ASMG. His research interests include modeling and simulation of electric machinery and power electronics, coupled finite-element/circuit simulation techniques, and development of new numerical simulation methods.

Selected Publications

  1. B. P. Loop, C. E. Lucas, E. A. Walters, M. Hasan, S. Field, N. Kumbar, “Improvements in the Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation of Aircraft Electric Power Systems,” 2006 SAE Power Systems Conference, November 7–9, 2006, New Orleans, LA.
  2. E. A. Walters, M. Hasan, C. E. Lucas, O. Wasynczuk, P. T. Lamm, “Variable Communication Rates in a Distributed Simulation,” Proceedings 3rd International Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, August 2005, San Francisco, CA.