Synchronous Generator-Rectifier Average-Value Modeling for a Naval Electric Power System

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Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia; E. A. Walters, C. E. Lucas, PC Krause and Associates, Inc.

A prototype Integrated Power System that is representative of advanced power systems of future warships is considered. This system is comprised of an AC Generation and Propulsion System as well as a DC Zonal Electrical Distribution System. Obtaining accurate average-value models of individual subsystems that can be used for extracting the input/output impedance as well as for increasing the simulation speed of the respective models. In this paper, a parametric approach for developing a dynamic average-value model of a generator-rectifier subsystem is presented. The method initially requires a detailed switched model from which the rectifier/dc-link dynamics are captured using numerical averaging; however, the resulting model is continuous and computationally efficient. The developed average-value model is compared against measured and detailed simulation results and is shown to be very accurate in both the time- and frequency-domains. A 74-fold increase in simulation speed is achieved.

WSEAS/IASME Transactions, issue 3, vol. 1, July 2004, pp. 401-407