Coupled-Circuit Modeling of 3, 6, and 9-Phase Induction Machine Drive Systems

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Juri Jatskevich, University of British Columbia, Canada; E. A. Walters, C. E. Lucas, PC Krause and Associates, Inc.

This paper describes a coupled-circuit physical-variable modeling of multiphase induction motors. The presented modeling interface makes it straightforward to implement an induction machine with arbitrary number of phases and/or phase groups on the stator and the rotor. The 3-, 6-, and 9-phase motors are simulated and compared. It is shown that machines with higher number of phases have less severe torque pulsation and the stator current increase following a loss of one phase. For the 9-phase machine, several studies involving loss of multiple phases are also presented, wherein the relative location of the faulted phases is shown to have a significant impact on redistribution of currents and resulting electromagnetic torque. The proposed models can be used to represent induction motors and generators for transient studies involving multiple faults, system-level reconfiguration, and survivability.

2006 SAE Power Systems Conference, November 7–9, 2006, New Orleans, LA. Paper #2006-01-3048

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