Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Facilities

Since its beginning, PCKA’s main focus has been the modeling and simulating of interactive, dynamic electromechanical systems. During this time PCKA has been granted the basic patent on co-simulation which is termed Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation (DHS) since it allows the dynamic interconnection of different simulation languages.   Along with DHS, PCKA developed and patented the Automated State Model Generator (ASMG) which has been found to be very useful when simulating power-electronic-drive systems. These software tools, along with the other software tools developed by PCKA and incorporated into FastSim (See Software), have been installed, as well as the Thermal Suite (See Software), at numerous industries and government agencies. In many cases, PCKA has supplied “turnkey” M&S Facilities. In other cases, PCKA has worked with the customer to interconnect their software into their M&S Facility, some with Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) capabilities. In all cases, PCKA has provided instruction in the use of the M&S Facility and assistance in the simulation and analysis of the electromechanical and thermal performance. Depending upon the needs of the customers, PCKA has remained on call or on site to assist in the operation and management of the facility. Moreover, PCKA provides software maintenance and updates. In this way the industry or government agency has an M&S Facility of the most up-to-date modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities with high-level, experienced technical personnel readily available. This emerging need has resulted in a rapidly growing demand for this specialized expertise. PCKA would welcome the opportunity to discuss the capabilities and advantages of a dedicated M&S Facility with any interested industries and government agencies.