Engineering Services

PCKA has a well-established reputation for solving engineering challenges posed by interactive dynamic systems.  The concentration of high-level research and development personnel at PCKA provides an elite group of engineers with the mission to develop and transition advanced technologies to meet the needs of industry and high-tech government programs; particularly, in the design of dynamic power-electronic-based electromechanical and thermal systems. PCKA supports numerous programs and research initiatives for several industries and government agencies and has been successful in solving engineering challenges through the use of advanced modeling, simulation, analysis, and system optimization and stability techniques. The company has been involved in a wide variety of activities related to system integration and subsystem design which includes the development and demonstration of high-power, high-efficiency power supplies, high-temperature electromechanical actuation systems, electric machine optimization, prognostics and health management of power generation/utilization systems, high-performance heat exchangers, and advanced motor controls. The software tools, developed by PCKA, allow fast and accurate computer simulations of large, interactive, dynamic systems making computer simulation a convenient and money-saving step in the design and control of these systems. Using these tools, the interactions between the components within a system can be determined and evaluated before the components are built. This capability allows the design and control of components to achieve optimal overall system performance rather than designing the system component-by-component with limited knowledge of the system interactions that may occur.