Research and Development

PCKA is a high-tech company with a concentration of high-level expertise in the electromechanical and thermal dynamics of integrated systems such as those found in vehicles, aircraft, ships, terrestrial power, and spacecraft.  PCKA has successfully used the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Science Technology TRansfer (STTR) Programs to establish proof-of-concept in the areas of software products, electric machine design, system performance optimization, thermal optimization, system stability, and advanced control of interactive dynamic power systems. Since the mid 1980’s PCKA has had 29 SBIR/STTR Phase I Awards, 3 are on-going; 19 Phase II Awards, 5 are on-going; 12 Phase III Awards, 5 are on-going. PCKA has subcontracted to universities and industries on several of these awards and PCKA has been a subcontractor to other small businesses on their SBIR/STTR projects. Although SBIR/STTR funding has been very important in opening of the doors to non-SBIR/STTR sources of funding, currently, this type of funding makes up only about 1/3 of PCKA’s annual net income. PCKA has been granted several patents and PCKA engineers regularly present and publish high-level papers at leading conferences as well as organizing and presenting technical and tutorial conference sessions.