FastSim Suite


The FastSim envirmonment targets large-system models and simulations and provides a framework for designers, system integrators, and program managers to collaborate more efficiently and effectively. The simulation suite combines many of PCKA’s patented and tried-and-true simulation tools into one easy-to-use package. These tools include Automated State Model Generator (ASMG), Distributed Heterogeneous Simulation (DHS), Distributed Heterogeneous Optimization (DHO), and Partitioned Finite-Element (PFE).  The FastSim framework and included toolsets lay the foundation for modern system design, analysis, simulation through system-level optimization and automated average-value modeling.

FastSim Block Diagram

FastSim builds, stores and runs system simulations using three components: Composer, Model Repository, and Agent, respectivly.  Together, they form a complete integrated simulation environment.  Through Composer,  models and applications are quickly built into a larger system.  Model Repository saves systems in a way that simplifies distributed amoungst collaborators.  Agents can simulate a system on a local computer or distribute the system across multiple computers.

FastSim Composer

 Model Repository (Store)

  • Executes Distributed System Components
  • Store all binary files in addition to meta data describing the system.
  • Model and System storage for FastSim.
  • No network configuration required.  Repositories are auto-discovered by the environment when started.
  • Common location for models and systems lends to component reuse.
  • As more storage or computing power is needed, Agents and Repositories can be quickly added and are automatically discovered by the environment.
Composer (Build)

  • Drag-and-drop graphical design
  • Construct complex systems
  • Develop reusable models
  • Build multilevel systems
Agent (Run)

  • Master control for runni ng system simulations.
  • Live model and system status.
  • Simulaneously run multiple simulations distributed across multiple computers.