Automated State Model Generator

The ASMG automatically establishes a state-space model based upon a “netlist” that defines the circuit as shown. This algorithm enables the application of state-space techniques to the analysis and simulation of electrical and electronic circuits without requiring the user to derive state-space models. The switching elements are not represented as fictitious resistors (with very-small or very-large values). Therefore, spurious states are not introduced when simulating practical power-electronics-based systems and switched circuits in general. Moreover, the ASMG can be used conveniently to implement mutual/nonlinear/variable inductances, capacitances, and resistances. PCKA has developed the software for an ASMG compatible with ACSLTM and SimulinkTM.  The ASMG may be defined as a simulation infrastructure that:

  • Automatically establishes state equations of circuits of arbitrary complexity based upon circuit topology
  • Establishes and caches the state equations as new topologies are encountered
  • Automatically relates initial conditions in a given switching state to final conditions in the previous topology

The ASMG offers unique features such as:

  • Easy to define circuits of arbitrary complexity
  • Applicable for power electronics, machines, distribution systems, etc.
  • Can be used for mode identification, state-space averaging, linearization, control design, etc.
  • Numerically efficient (variable time-step, multi-rate / parallel techniques, etc.)
  • Compatible with DHS
  • Current versions are compatible with ACSL and Simulink.

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